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Find out about some of my favourite projects below.

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Fair access: Towards a transport system for everyone

Year: 2019

Client: Centre for London

Role: GIS analyst & cartographer

This report examines how shortcomings in transport affordability, connectivity and accessibility hold back different groups in the capital – including young, older, disabled, ethnic minority and low-income Londoners.

West Yorkshire Connectivity Plan

Year: 2020/21

Client: West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Role: Project manager, GIS analyst & cartographer

Communicating West Yorkshire's bold vision for to make their transport system much easier, both to use and to understand. Creation of a bold vision document and clear maps to portray this and engage the public.

A map showcasing this project
A map showcasing this project

Planning for growth: Hertsmere's local development plan

Year: 2021

Client: Hertsmere Borough Council

Role: Storymap lead, GIS analyst & cartographer

Creation of an ArcGIS online Storymap to engage residents on plans for growth across Hertsmere Borough, including use of experience builder.

Accessing employment in Central London

Year: 2020

Client: Central London Forward

Role: Project manager, author, data visualiser, GIS analyst & cartographer

Analysis into geographic and socio-demographic factors behind access to different types of employment across Central London, using data visualisation and cartography to help communicate this.

A map showcasing this project
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