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About me

Hi I'm Helen! I'm a cartographer, data visualiser and GIS consultant based in London, England. I love finding meaning in complex data and making information beautiful.

I'm Helen McKenzie and I'm a Geospatial Advocate! That means my job is getting people hyped about all things maps!


I've been working in geospatial consultancy since 2012 fields including flooding, landscape design, transport, infrastructure and ecology. Before working in consultancy I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BA in Geography followed by an MSc in GIS. Now, I work for CARTO - spreading the word about spatial data science & modern GIS!


Throughout the course of my career, I've learned that no matter how interesting your data, no matter how insightful your analysis - it doesn't mean anything if you can't make people understand it, and even less if you can't make them care. That's what I try to specialise in - spatial storytelling &

making geographic data and ideas clear, engaging and impactful.

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